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Telephone and reception skills
The receptionist is invariably the person in the organisation whom visitors meet first. They tend to judge a business and its people by the experience of her actions. While the receptionist is the face of the organisation, the switchboard operator serves as its voice. A caller dealt with professionally could mean valuable business and a cordial relationship. This one-day course has the following specific outcomes:

  Course content
  • Specific outcomes

The bottom line is good customer service At the end of this module learners will be able to: "Appreciate the importance of professional communication on the telephone and at reception "Understand the link between customer service and good telephone and reception skills "Explain the importance of listening with empathy "Assess their own communication and listening skills "Identify the needs, wants and expectations of customers "Take steps to improve their ability to communicate and to "read" people "Identify the major pitfalls for front-line staff Exceptional telephone skills At the end of this module learners will be able to: "Explain their role in the organisation and why it is important to have good telephone skills "Demonstrate how to deal with a busy switchboard "Demonstrate how to take an incoming call at the front line or on an extension "Demonstrate "best practice" when screening a call, taking a message or transferring a call "Understand the principles of telephone courtesy and etiquette "List the needs and expectations which most customers have "Describe how to deal with difficult customers on the telephone "Address the needs and expectations of their external and internal customers The role of the receptionist At the end of this powerful module learners should be able to: "Describe the role of a reception area and list standards for reception "Describe the functions and list the roles of a receptionist "Demonstrate ways to use good "body language" in the reception position, handle "emotional leakage", etc "List ways in which receptionists can become better communicators "Define the concept of courtesy "Create best practice and worst practice courtesy portraits "Describe how to deal with difficult customers in reception "Demonstrate how to deal with visitors (with and without appointments), deliveries, etc "Assess their basic current levels of customer service to internal and external customers "Define what they consider to be excellent customer service.

 Alignment to Unit Standards
  • ID No 14348 "Process incoming and outgoing telephone calls"
  • ID No 14350 "Receive, consult and direct visitors in a reception area"
  • ID No14351 "Maintain reception area"

Price depends on whether the course will be facilitated inhouse or as a public workshop. Please contact Cor Faling at tel (011) 664 7574
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Description Telephone and reception skills 

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