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Effective presentation and public speaking skills
The Effective presentation and public speaking skills programme has been specifically designed to help delegates develop the skills required to conduct powerful and influential presentations. The practical nature of the workshop serves to build self-confidence in addressing groups of people. This applies to speaking in committee meetings, to small groups or to large audiences. Delegates will acquire the skills to speak clearly and confidently and develop personal effectiveness in getting ideas and proposals accepted and acted upon, by fine-tuning their communication skills.


"to equip delegates with the necessary skills to deal with debilitating nervousness, clumsy handling of visual aids, insufficient preparation and distracting mannerisms; "to give delegates the necessary tools and awareness to allow ideas and words to flow naturally; "to work with delegates to help them to utilise their thoughts, voice and personal appearance so as to enhance communication skills; and "to fine tune delegates communication skills to maximum effectiveness. "To address issues contributing to lack of confidence in a presentation "To ensure that all the specific outcomes as defined by the unit standards are met COURSE OUTLINE Preparing for the Presentation "Harnessing nervous energy creatively "Lateral creative thinking and impromptu speaking "Setting objectives "Audience research "Using mind maps as notes "Structuring the introduction, body and conclusion "Using "attention-getters" "Managing time "Structuring the content Content and Delivery Techniques "The structure "Effective openings and conclusions "Using the voice effectively ˘Developing an expressive speaking voice ˘Improving voice projection ˘Using pitch, pace and pause effectively "Using body language to your advantage ˘Eye contact ˘Facial expression and hand gestures ˘Avoiding irritating mannerisms ˘Using the audience's body language to your advantage ˘Creating a positive impression: a poised and confident presence Dealing with Audience Reaction and Participation "Learning listening skills "Dealing with questions and awkward or difficult audience reaction "Maintaining control The Use of Visual Aids "General rules and guidelines "The preparation of transparencies "The use of the overhead projector "The use of the white board and the flip chart The Floor is Yours: Stand Up and Speak with Confidence!

 Alignment to Unit Standards
  • ID No 8974 "Engage in sustained oral communication and evaluate spoken texts"
  • ID No 13925 "Present information in a public setting"

Price depends on whether the course will be facilitated inhouse or as a public workshop. Please contact Cor Faling at tel (011) 664 7574
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Description Effective presentation and public speaking skills 

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