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Time and stress management
Our one-day intensive workshop on Time and Stress Management will encourage you to take stock of the direction your career and personal life is taking. Personal wellness comes from sensible choices you make about time usage. Making the right choices and grasping opportunities require objective analysis of your habits. You need to develop courage to replace the trivial with the vital things in life and to prioritise and delegate. Stress is not caused by a lack of time but by the inappropriate use thereof. In this workshop you will be guided to examine your time habits and then to diagnose "time robbers". Once you understand where your time is going, we give you tools to free yourself from these robbers and to plan and use your precious time optimally. Planning, particularly in your job environment, is the key to living a well balanced stress-managed life.

  Course content
  • Specific outcomes

Module 1 Coming to grips with your mission and values After attending this module you will be able to: · Formulate a personal mission statement · State your values in pursuit of your life’s mission · Identify your main roles in life · Set objectives for performing these roles · Produce fundamental action plans · State your “non-negotiables” · Identify stressors in the quest for the work/life balance Module 2 Tempus fugit (time flies): How tight are you keeping the lid on? After attending this module you will be able to: Analyse your current time management techniques and processes in your working and personal life. Analyse time management techniques and processes in your department Identify weaknesses in current work processes resulting from poor time management Unearth top time wasters that impact your productivity and that of your department. Recognise the external forces that have an adverse effect on time management. Identify poor time management factors that contribute to your stress Through self-evaluation questionnaires and forum discussions you will discover your current time management profile. The module puts a perspective on perfectionism, your energy cycle, procrastination and attitude to planning and how they impact destructive stress. Module 3 Restoring sanity to time management After attending this module you will be able to: · Apply the 80/20 principle in identifying key tasks · Learn to delegate as a means to optimise time and human resources · Practice prioritisation as a technique to manage workflow · Reduce stress by improving the work/life balance. Presentation and discussion will focus on among others the Pareto principle, the need to delegate, set priorities and the art of your saying “NO.” Module 4 Planning: the best medicine for the fight against stress After attending this module you will be able to: Relate the organisation’s objectives to work to be performed by self and departments Translate objectives into work plans by department Identify key objectives to complete specific projects and tasks within agreed time frames Select staff to whom tasks need to be delegated Prioritise tasks in terms of importance and urgency Eliminate potential time wasters. The module will help you identify key performance indicators and draft work plans, action plans and to-do lists. Module 5 Implementing time-efficient work plans After attending this module you will be able to: Inform management and staff of roles, duties, functions, authority, accountability Refine the delegation process in line with work plans Introduce measures for efficient information flow, effective administration, purpose-driven meetings Implement work plans, monitor progress and take remedial action. The module provides you the means to improve delegation skills, meeting procedures, team building and progress monitoring in the context of time management. Module 6 Revisiting stress: Time is not the enemy After attending this module you will be able to Distinguish between destructive stress and creative stress Adopt measures to destress Plan for optimal levels of stress Harness creative stress for personal and career development Pricing The training investment is R1 750 (excl. VAT) per person for the one-day course. The cost includes a comprehensive training manual and lunch and refreshments during the two days. The course can also be facilitated in-house and this option becomes an economic proposition when five delegates and more from the same organisation attend.

 Alignment to Unit Standards
  • ID No 15234 "Apply efficient time management to the work of a department/division/section"

Price depends on whether the course will be facilitated inhouse or as a public workshop. Please contact Cor Faling at tel (011) 664 7574
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Description Time and stress management 

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