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Mastering excellence in executive support
The course is aimed at secretaries, PAs and administrators that have settled into their positions successfully. They are now ready for personal and career advancement. This three-day workshop teaches skills in self-management, self-confidence, self-image, communication with internal and external customers, the ability to organise and to manage their time. A well organised, motivated and confident support worker is a vital asset to the organisation.

  Course content
  • Specific outcomes

Programme Outline 1. Objective setting, the role of the secretary and self-leadership At the end of this module delegates should be able to: "Understand the vision, mission, values and strategic objectives of the organisation "Determine their career vision, values and objectives "Link their own work goals to that of the organisation "Understand the importance of setting measurable goals "Create a link between self-leadership and being a secretary in the corporate environment "Review the role of interpersonal skills and Emotional Intelligence in organisational effectiveness "Identify the key managers and team members they must work with "Apply the concept of social style to achieve a deeper understanding of where they and stakeholders experience a style match or mismatch 2. Professional communication to ensure excellent customer service At the end of this module delegates should be able to: "Explain how to identify the needs, wants and expectations of team members "Be aware of the barriers to communication "Improve their ability to communicate and to "read" people "Understand why secretaries should listen carefully "Understand the importance of telephone communication as part of customer service "Explain best practice in telephone communication "List guidelines for proper telephone use and telephone etiquette "Describe how to deal with difficult and angry customers 3.The Confident and Assertive Secretary - create career confidence At the end of this module delegates should be able to: "Understand that effective secretaries should be confident and assertive "Look at the key cornerstones of confidence "Explain what they could do to improve their current levels of confidence by building on their strengths "Explain why assertive communication is so important "Assess their overall current levels of assertiveness "Explain the concept of assertiveness rights "Describe the spectrum of assertive behaviour 4. Organising your work and administration At the end of this module delegates should be able to: "Describe organising as a core responsibility of secretaries "Identify and review the basic systems affecting their roles in their organisation, assessing them for effectiveness and efficiency "Highlight some of the consequences for their department if information is not managed properly "Review own organising skills "Understand the principles of matching tasks and people "Highlight how workload must be organised "List organising tools "Review their own priorities "Review their paper processing systems "Describe the importance of maintaining a diary and to follow up on their plans 5. Creating a professional business image At the end of the module, delegates will be able to: "Explain the importance of first impressions and how they are created "Suggest ways in which they can create an excellent business image "Understand why applying rules of etiquette will add to a positive business image "Demonstrate how better posture, wellness and good body language affect a business image "Evaluate their business dress style and how it relates it to their company's dress code "Explain a life-wide approach to wellness and business image "Define stress as something you have to cope with 6. Time management for busy secretaries After attending this module delegates will be able to: "Express a need for using their time wisely "Understand their time style after assessing themselves "Recognise the two "time extremes" "Determine their objectives and priorities "Explain how the time management matrix helps them prioritise "Describe how to prioritise when they are over-burdened with work "Perform a "time robber" analysis "Determine their procrastination quotient "List ways of dealing with interruptions "Explain strategies that works to get organised "Find new ways of dealing with administr

Price depends on whether the course will be facilitated inhouse or as a public workshop. Please contact Cor Faling at tel (011) 664 7574
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Description Mastering excellence in executive support 

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