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Building Customer relations in the footsteps of Batho-Pele
Can your organisation stand the test of the eight Batho Pele principles in service delivery? Considering the diversity of service delivery, no doubt several of these criteria are not met or met only partially Part of the solution lies in the concept of "Customer Management." It is a concept which is being used with great success in the business world but has largely been ignored by the public sector.

  Public sector customer service delivery
  • Specific outcomes

Customer Management largely draws its knowledge from the science of marketing. Contributions are added from the behavioural sciences, financial and administrative practice and information technology. In a one-day workshop the facilitator will explain the concept of "Customer Management" and show how it will contribute to achieving the goals of Batho Pele. Module 1 The concept of Marketing TRAINING OUTCOMES After attending this module delegates will be able to "Understand the practical significance of the Batho Pele service delivery campaign in their organisation "Define the characteristics of good customer management as practised around the world "Recognise the similarity between the principles of Batho Pele and the dynamics of marketing "Accept the need to shift attitude towards customer satisfaction orientation "Establish the need to counter community apathy and promote "good citizenship" "Define marketing as a strategic management tool in creating excellence in customer service "Distinguish between product/service orientation and customer-centred marketing "Identify their customer needs "Review future trends in consumer expectations, behaviour and consumption patterns "Identify the market structure in which the organisation operates "Apply the concept of market segmentation, market orchestration and market positioning. Module 2 The 6 Ps of marketing TRAINING OUTCOMES After attending this module delegates will be able to "Develop an integrated customer needs satisfaction strategy by applying the forces of the marketing mix: product, price, promotion, place (delivery), processes and people "Define the components of the marketing mix "Explain their critical inter-relationships "Conceptualise broad strategies for product, pricing, distribution and promotion "Identify existing and future processes in service delivery "Recognise the importance of people skills and organisational structure. Module 3 The dynamics of customer relationship management TRAINING OUTCOMES After attending this module delegates will be able to "Define customer value "Specify components for creating true customer value satisfaction "Define "the Moment of Truth" in customer service delivery "Distinguish between reducing customer dissatisfaction and enhancing customer satisfaction "Understand the significance of the simultaneous production and consumption of services "Recognise the importance of the physical environment of service delivery "Weigh up customer convenience in terms of location and time of service delivery "Understand the correlation between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction "Motivate employees to deliver a positive service experience to their customers "Recognise the vital role of management in encouraging front line staff "Uncover the need for knowledgeable front-line personnel "Locate areas of bureaucracy as a barrier to front line staff/customer relationships "Distinguish between customer dissatisfaction targeted at staff behaviour and lack of quality of product/service "Re-appraise the concept of relationship marketing in terms of commitment, trust and fairness. "Formulate the concept of customer relationship management "Identify the vital components of IT in customer relationship management.

 Alignment to Unit Standards
  • ID No 10021 "Instill in myself a personal marketing culture"
  • ID No 10066 "Establish customer needs and relationships"
  • ID No 14522 "Analyse and explain the impact of one's personal interactive style on one's relationship with a client"
  • ID No 113955 "Apply the Batho Pele principles to own work role and context"

Price depends on whether the course will be facilitated inhouse or as a public workshop. Please contact Cor Faling at tel (011) 664 7574
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Description Building Customer relations in the footsteps of Batho-Pele 

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