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Practical cusomer service
There is only one boss - the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company, from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. (Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart) Most companies have slogans that boast "customer satisfaction guaranteed". In today's competitive marketplace satisfying the customer is not enough. Delivering customer value towards exceeding expectations has become the norm. This programme is designed to create an awareness of every person's responsibility towards the organisation's internal and external customers and to create true customer loyalty.

  Course outline
  • Specific outcomes

Module 1 Fundamentals of Customer Service After attending this module delegates will be able to: "Define his/her customer and his/her needs "Evaluate their current service level "Understand the importance of making a good first impression "Demonstrate the correct way of answering the telephone "Describe the important issues of customer service "Demonstrate the essentials of communicating with the customer "Know the definition of communication "Explain how to identify the needs, wants and expectations of others "Be aware of the barriers to communication "Know what to do to improve their ability to communicate and to "read" people "Explain the importance of listening "How listening helps solve interpersonal problems "Apply communication skills in a customer relations environment "Explain the difference between aggressive and assertive behaviour Module 2 Addressing the customer's needs After attending this module delegates will be able to: "Demonstrate a broader understanding of customer service "Implement the organisation's customer service plans and strategies "Apply the guidelines on how to improve the quality of service they render to their customers "Demonstrate ability to deal with difficult/upset customers "Demonstrate competence to create a positive experience for every customer served "Indicate the dynamics of customer service and the impact they have on the organisation as a whole "Apply the service recovery process "Apply customer service standards "Demonstrate an understanding of what customers want "Develop an individualised customer service standard "Demonstrate an understanding of service dimension "Avoid the potential service quality pitfalls when serving customers "Apply the principles of service excellence Module 3 The ideal customer service employee After attending this module delegates will be able to: "Apply the principles of the moment of truth in customer service "Develop the characteristics of an ideal customer service employee "Demonstrate an ability to create the moment of truth in customer service "Apply the ten rules of customer service "Develop and apply a personal customer service plan "Describe the process of communication with regard to customer service "Identify the most common media used during communication with customers "Indicate barriers to effective customer communication "Apply techniques to overcome barriers to communication "Practise skills to communicate when sending messages to customers "Apply listening skills to understand customers "Apply assertive communication skills in their day to day communication "Develop a personal improvement plan to improve their communication with customers Module 4 Putting it all together: Achieving Service Excellence After attending this module delegates will be able to: "Understand the importance of follow-up on customer queries and complaints "Recognise best practices and useful tools in providing superior customer service "Maintain courtesy throughout customer contact "Keep responsibility and ownership of the customer's problem "Recognise the warning signs of potentially confrontational situations "Demonstrate how to deal with difficult customers "Use a three-step problem solving process to solve customer's problems "Understand the importance of being solution orientated "Design a personal customer service contract for continuous improvement of customer service standards

 Alignment to Unit Standards
  • ID 10066 "Establish customer needs and relationships"
  • ID No 14522 "Analyse and explain the impact of one's personal interactive style on one's relationship with a client"

Price depends on whether the course will be facilitated inhouse or as a public workshop. Please contact Cor Faling at tel (011) 664 7574
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Description Practical cusomer service 

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