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Batho Pele
Performance of service delivery by the public sector is largely measured by the adherence to the Batho Pele value system. This programme is aimed at helping all staff to review their attitude towards service delivery and the need for a customer orientation. Part of the solution lies in the concept of "Customer Management." Embracing the concept of Customer Management in service delivery will have the following effects:

  Course outline
  • Specific outcomes
  • Understand the need for service delivery transformation in the context of IDP
  • Recognise Batho Pele as the Government's value system for service delivery
  • List the eight Batho Pele principles
  • Explain how the Batho Pele principles apply to own work roles
  • Define the characteristics of good customer management as practised around the world
  • Accept the need to shift one's attitude towards a customer satisfaction orientation
  • Define what customers value and despise in service delivery
  • Understand the correlation between customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction
  • Make a commitment to implement the Batho Pele principles in his/her work environment
  • Explain how the application of Batho Pele principles are reflected in the way he/she does his/her work
  • Visualise the personal and professional rewards realised from helping improve the quality of life for our communities.
  • Define marketing as a strategic management tool in creating excellence in customer service
  • Distinguish between product/service orientation and customer-centred marketing
  • Identify customer needs
  • Understand the meaning of unforgettable customer service
  • Understand the meaning of unforgettable customer service

Good customer service = easy customers At the end of this session delegates should be able to: "Explain how to identify the needs, wants and expectations of customers "Understand that poor service causes "difficult customers" "Eliminate practices that can cause dissatisfaction in customers "How ineffective telephone behaviour leads to creating difficult customers "Identify the "hot" areas in customer service and conflict "Improve their ability to communicate and to "read" people "Understand how active listening to the customer can often solve the problem within the first minute "Identify "whose fault is it anyway?" Dealing with difficult people assertively At the end of this session delegates should be able to: "Explain why assertive communication is so important when dealing with customers "Understand the pitfalls of aggressive behaviour "Assess their overall current levels of assertiveness "Explain the concept of assertive, courteous behaviour "List 10 basic strategies for assertive behaviour when dealing with difficult people "Realise the importance of good interpersonal relationships in business "Explain how to deal with manipulative, aggressive people "Outline an overall strategy for solving problems with customers Coping with conflict At the end of this session delegates should be able to: "List some of the reasons why conflicts develop "Identify factors which escalate into conflict "Describe some common ineffective approaches to conflict resolution "List some conflict solving options (negotiation, mediation, etc) and give guidelines for when to use them Solve your own stress before solving the customer's stress At the end of this session delegates should be able to: "Define the importance of self-control and understand their "triggers" "Describe how crises should be handled "List some stress management techniques "Understand that creating satisfied customers is a journey that needs to be followed everyday!

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